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Which intimate treatment is for you?

Which intimate treatment is for you? Intimate health and wellness is an important topic but often overlooked in women’s health. In fact, women’s sexual health is considered a taboo topic that even the slightest changes in their skin tone cannot be discussed openly, let alone provide scientific solutions or cures.  However, women’s intimate health is essential in preventing any infections in the genital area and for healthy sexual activity. Intimate wellness is particularly important when women…

Non-Invasive Intimate Rejuvenation

5 Reasons Why Non-Invasive Intimate Rejuvenation is Better than Surgery Try Googling ‘intimate rejuvenation’ or ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ and you will see most search results pointing to a host of surgical interventions such as vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, and vulvar liposculpturing—all promising to bring back the confidence lost due to the constant changes in a woman’s life, such as childbirth and hormonal or weight fluctuations, which weaken and stretch the most intimate regions. But confidence for a woman…

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