The evolution of hair removal has taken its latest leap. Laser Luxe expresses advanced technologies with an exquisite lightness of touch to indulge your skin’s tiniest preferences. Discover how smooth, effortless and luxurious this exciting new approach can be.

What if a laser hair removal experience could be as silken smooth as the skin it leaves you with? Dedicating a decade of research to the delicate relationship between lasers and skin, Kaya has got it down to science and expertise.

Introducing Kaya Laser Luxe. Bespoke Hair Removal Solutions

Everyone is unique, and so is their skin. No two individuals are identical in the way their skin responds to a laser. That’s why the region’s largest team of dermatologists have created Laser Luxe Bespoke Hair Removal Solutions. Crafted for each individual. For every area of the body. For every skin and hair type. For every stage of hair regrowth. You’ll appreciate the finesse with which advanced technologies speak to your skin’s tiniest preferences.

How Laser Luxe Bespoke Hair Removal Solutions work

What makes this extraordinary degree of personalized laser luxe hair removal treatment possible, is a unique combination of three factors.

The level of medical expertise in the room with a doctor in charge

With a spectrum of advanced technologies at hand, every laser hair removal treatment is planned by a doctor down to the last detail – fluence, energy and the machine of choice. The doctor will be present right from the start, through the next few sessions, to monitor progress and modify treatment factors as needed, based on how an individual’s skin is responding.

The specialised skills of skin practitioners with 500 hours of preclinical training

Laser Luxe Hair Removal Solution brings handpicked talent to work with you. Every skin practitioner at Kaya receives 500 hours of preclinical in-house training to qualify for the task. They have the expertise to ensure all areas are thoroughly covered, and hair removal treatment is handled just right, leaving no patches or burns

Special laser rituals that prepare and protect skin

Experience finesse like never before with special pre and post-care rituals. An expertly handled prep shave with a high-quality single-use razor gets you set for a silken smooth experience. The Laser Luxe hair removal treatment culminates with the soothing touch of a cold compress, a gentle, nurturing after-care cream and protective sunscreen. So you won’t experience soreness or redness.

What you can look forward to

Laser Luxe Hair Removal treatment is designed to be effortless and effective. Speaking of results, body hair follows its own growth cycle, which calls for multiple sessions. You’d want to stay the course so that it can be rooted out altogether. The number of sessions for laser hair removal depends on skin colour, how coarse or fine your hair is, the area of the body being treated, gender and underlying health conditions. You can rely on your doctor to analyse all of these factors and draw up a hair removal treatment plan. Rest assured that you’re in expert hands, receiving the most carefully crafted care possible. Book an appointment online with a doctor near you in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other cities of UAE or visit a kaya skin clinic nearby.

By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


How much does it cost for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal cost depends upon the area of your body being lasered off, hair thickness and skin type. Sign up for discounted consultation.

How painful is the laser hair removal treatment?

The treatment does not hurt as methods like shaving, waxing or tweezing may do. It is a safe and smooth procedure for all parts of the body.

How many sessions you need for the laser hair reduction treatment?

The number of sessions would depend on your hair and skin type and response to the treatment. Generally, you may need 6 to 8 sessions spread over 12 months period.

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