Bad hair days mean much angst to most of us as hair thins, falls or simply loses quality. Until now, treatment choices were limited to topical applications, water filters or drastic measures such as hair transplants. However it is now possible to bring new strength and vitality to hair with new, minimally invasive therapies that retard hair loss, rejuvenate the scalp and regenerate hair. They also combat brittleness, frizziness and hair fall that occurs for various reasons.

A human head, on average, has 100,000 strands of hair made of a tough protein – keratin.

Every strand grows out of a hair follicle, a tiny saclike structure, which keeps it anchored to the scalp. Around the follicle is a hair bulb which has living cells that reproduce and make new hair cells. These hair cells are at the root of the hair and they build up the hair shaft, making it grow. This hair shaft is the visible part of a strand, made up of dead cells.

Blood vessels in the scalp deliver nutrients to the cells in the hair bulb. These nutrients, along with hormones, determine the hair structure and growth.

Why hair loss or deterioration occurs

Every strand of hair drops off at the end of its life cycle which typically lasts around six years. At 50 to 70 strands in a day, that barely makes a visible difference on an average adult head with around 100,000 strands. However, if you lose hair faster than new strands emerge, you may want to look deeper. Several factors can cause hair loss:

  • stress
  • illness
  • hormonal changes
  • post-pregnancy
  • metabolic disorders
  • anaemia
  • zinc deficiency
  • genetic factors
  • family history
  • physical injury
  • infections
  • collagen diseases
  • congenital defects

Hair quality also gets affected by our lifestyle in this region. Regular blow-drys, colour, treatments such as Keratin, straightening and perms deplete natural oils, leaving hair dry, brittle and in need of more care to ensure our locks don’t lose their lustre.

Introducing Kaya Hair Strength Therapies

Dermatological solutions for stronger, healthier hair

Scientific intervention may be key to preserving your crown. Your hair can now gain new strength and vitality at the hands of our expert dermatologists who craft customised therapies for you. The focus is on enhancing hair quality and preserving growth, ensuring you don’t reach a point where you need transplants. They blend medication, topical applications and minimally invasive procedures to strengthen and reactivate hair follicles, combating brittleness, frizziness and hair fall.

How Kaya Hair Strength Therapies work

Broadly speaking, Kaya Hair Strength Therapies are based on a combination of  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Mesotherapy, Hair Cell Activation and Needle-less Infusion. These are fundamentally interventions that work by stimulating natural growth processes. In fact, as they take their due time to set in, it is advisable to start treatment with the first signs of hair loss to stem the advance of thinning.

PRP Therapy for hair rejuvenation enlists the support of your own blood to stimulate hair growth by injecting platelets at the areas where hair follicles are damaged. The therapy improves blood supply in the region, providing nutrition to hair follicles and inducing hair growth. Growth factors in the platelets promote healing and regeneration of cells.

PRP HC (Platelet-Rich Plasma High Concentration) Therapy works with a powerful concentration of 7 growth factors activated from your blood platelets. It works three ways: 1) It recruits new hair to grow, 2) Keeps existing hair growing and 3) Most importantly, stimulates the stem cells around the follicles, rejuvenating them and reviving their ability to support hair growth.

Mesotherapy is used to tackle hair loss by injecting a tonic containing minerals and vitamins deep into the mesodermis of the scalp. These nutrients replace those which the follicles have ceased to absorb and also stimulate blood circulation, which in turn retards hair loss and rejuvenates hair growth.

Hair Cell Activation awakens hair to a youthful growth pattern with stem cytokines. These molecules communicate with sleeping stem cells in hair follicles to activate them. This biosignalling system also includes isoflavones from over 20 botanical sources. Microneedling delivery ensures highly effective absorption into the scalp.

Needle-less Infusion is an exciting new non-invasive drug-delivery approach for infusing meso vitamins into the scalp. Causing no discomfort, a Jet machine delivers an ultra-fine stream of liquid in precisely metered doses.

What you can look forward to

As the treatments begin to take their course, follicular nourishment improves. The strands of hair that grow out of these follicles are thicker, stronger and healthier. You would observe reduced hair shedding, hair loss, frizziness and even hair breakage. The remedies prevent hair fall slowly. Hair grows thicker (more dense), healthier and more conditioned.

Regular maintenance sessions should be built into your routine to keep the results going, so can always enjoy the confidence that comes with a full, healthy head of youthful, lively hair.

By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


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