The Ultimate Secret to Stretch Marks Removal

Your warrior stripes are showing and undoubtedly you have earned every one of those. You did the hard work and came out on top. And boy, was the work hard!  Warriors like you come in all forms. We have the ones who put in endless hours and insane levels of discipline to lose those unwanted pounds. Then there are the ones who spend hours at the gym, sacrifice the simple joys of junk food and stick to endless sources of protein to bring out those muscles. And then we have the bravest ones of the lot!! The ones who spend almost a year of their lives selflessly preparing and waiting for their bundle of joy.Also the teenagers who just grow quickly! But whichever of these you are, you have emerged victorious. 

So which victor are you? The one basking in the attention that your ripped new body is getting you or the one that is rocking the newly tiny waist that you worked so hard for? Or are you the new mama enjoying the tiny hands wrapped around your finger? Whichever one you are, you are very likely to also not be enjoying the toll that your hard work has taken on your once smooth supple skin. Let Kaya help you reclaim that amazing skin you have been longing for. 

Yes, you guessed it! Today we are talking about stretch marks. Those pesky little stripes on your skin that don’t seem to go away no matter how much cocoa butter or olive oil you slather on. Ah, but you paid attention to old wives tales about remedies that are not rooted in science. A better approach would have been to enlist the help of the amazing dermatologists at Kaya  who are  passionate about helping people like you find their best skin. But you know what they say – better late than never. Let Kaya help you reclaim that amazing skin that you have been longing for.  

First things first! The science. How do they form?  

In order to understand why stretch marks are formed, it is important to know about two proteins. One is collagen, the main building block of your skin. Among many other things that it does for the skin, it also improves skin’s elasticity which reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The other is elastin which works much like a spring and can stretch and recoil. It plays a big role in letting the tissues in our bodies do the same. Stretch marks or Striae as the experts call it are basically scars that are formed when the skin stretches or shrinks at a rapid pace. This causes collagen and elastin in your skin to rupture. When they heal, scars or stretch marks are formed. 

That’s the science. What are the causes and where do they appear? 

The most common causes of stretch marks are  

  • Pregnancy 
  • Rapid weight gain/Loss 
  • Bodybuilding  
  • Growth spurts in puberty 
  • Prolonged use of medication (Corticosteroids) or 
  • Just plain old genetics 

No matter the cause, they can appear in a variety of colours usually red, purple, pink or brown depending on your skin tone. In time the colour will fade but the scars will almost never go away and are most commonly seen on the breasts, hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks.  

Fine!! But what’s the big deal?  

Although medically perceived as a harmless, non contagious result of life events that happen to everyone, stretch marks are a cause of major angst among people who have it. Ranging from dealing with seemingly well meaning comments on why, what and how to get rid of it to just mourning the loss of the flawless skin that was, stretch marks affect a person’s life at a far bigger scale than it should. They definitely do not hurt physically, but mentally it can be a completely different story. After all, as the saying goes, “beauty is being comfortable in your own skin” and if one’s attention is only drawn to the stretch marks when they look at it, how would they feel comfortable in it? The emotional toll that stretch marks take on a person can manifest as loss of confidence, depression, embarrassment, anxiety etc. This will in turn affect said person’s social life, self esteem, choice of clothes and so on. 

The question really is, “should something so insignificant be allowed to claim such a major part of a person’s emotional bandwidth?” Especially when you have access to Kaya who has a proven track record of being able to diminish those lines to almost look invisible. 

Ok, I’m all ears. What’s the solution?  

So can stretch marks be treated? Will they ever go away? Unfortunately the answer is no. Although the many dermatological advances made in the last couple of years have resulted in treatments that can improve the appearance of  stretch marks, they still remain a challenge that only the worthy can take on. And who can be worthier than doctors who work at Kaya Skin Clinic? Using the latest in skincare technology,  our expert dermatologists have developed a revolutionary approach to treating stretch marks that provide unparalleled results in reducing their severity and appearance.  

So how exactly does Kaya do this?  

As with everything Kaya embarks on for our patients, the process starts with a detailed analysis of each patient’s unique skin. Based on this, the dermatologist comes up with a customised treatment plan. This custom tailored plan combines carefully selected techniques and services with the latest in Radio frequent Mesotherapy, advanced lasers, injectables( Biore Modells) or even camouflage. These procedures may be used together or individually as warranted by each patient’s individual situation.    

Mesotherapy is a time release delivery system of vitamins and other therapeutic ingredients via a micro injection. Delivered directly into the mesoderm otherwise known as  the middle layer of skin, this potent mix then continues to repair the specifically targeted areas long after the procedure, through the time delivery mechanism. In response, the skin cells get metabolically active thereby repairing connective tissue, stimulating natural collagen production and accelerating elastin generation. 

Radiofrequency uses fractional radio frequency to help the skin heal itself. It is projected beneath the surface of the skin, which helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing process and accelerates collagen growth. This treatment will make your skin softer, smoother and younger from within, reducing stretch mark colour and uneven texture. When you add the fact that there is very little post-procedure downtime and almost no side effects, this treatment is an extremely effective tool to treat stretch marks. 

What happens after the procedure 

All of these procedures will require some amount of post procedure care that requires little more than discipline. But considering what you have accomplished so far, what a cakewalk that is going to be! The care required ranges from avoiding the sun and certain skin care products, staying away from strenuous exercise or drinking plenty of water. Your very own Kaya dermatologist will work closely with you to come up with a diligent aftercare regimen that optimises the results of the procedure. And as they say, all good things take time and treating something as stubborn as stretch marks is no exception to this rule. But with Kaya’s expertise by your side, you can be confident that this wait is worth it because you are assured visible improvements to your skin and those stripes will be reduced to look almost invisible.  

That said, don’t take time to give us a call because the longer you wait, the more time it takes you to get to the better, if not the best version of you. So, book an appointment with us for a consultation and help us choose your beautiful!! 

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


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