Women on average, spend over 1728 hours of their lifetime dealing with body hair. Save time, effort, pain and expense. Our next-generation laser hair reduction solutions set you free, whatever your hair or skin type.

The constant struggle with unwanted body hair has been quite a troublesome task to deal with for many women. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, halawa or tweezing provide temporary visual relief, but all that hair keeps growing back for frequent and painful hair removal chores.

As per recent studies, a woman is considered to be spending 72 hours of her life and a substantial amount of money in various treatments dealing with body hair time and again. And that’s just on her legs.

Every temporary hair removal treatment comes with the risk of nicks, cuts, and bruises. Reducing these pain factor is possible with care and skill, but it is hard to completely avoid.

With scientific developments, laser hair reduction has grown to be an attractive option in the quest for smooth, beautiful skin. Done by skilled professionals, it offers a safe and effective treatment for all body parts; the most popular being the upper lip, chin, back, legs, forearm, underarm, and bikini line. It also reduces expenses and saves time consumed with repeat processes of traditional methods.

The mechanism of laser hair removal

Laser hair reduction is a process of reducing hair growth by destroying hair follicles through exposure to a concentrated beam of light. In this process, the dark pigment (melanin) in hair absorbs the laser and turns it into heat which travels down to the follicle, neutralizes it, and destroys the hair shaft. Since hair grows from follicles, the process eliminates the hair from growing back.

In spite of being a permanent and quick solution to eliminating unwanted body hair growth, it does take multiple sessions to make all body hair disappear completely. Let’s study the reasons behind its effectiveness.

Hair growth follows three different stages. In the first and active growth phase, Anagen stage, the bulb, or bottom of the follicle, is attached to the dermal papilla that provides nutrients to the hair follicle. The second, or Catagen stage, is a transitional phase wherein the growth of hair takes a complete halt and the follicle starts shrinking. Finally, the follicle breaks away from the dermal papilla and begins to die. In the last resting phase, Telogen, the remains of the hair bulb are inactive and the hair eventually starts shedding due to friction.

The human body has hair in different stages at any given time. However, during the laser hair reduction treatment, the laser focuses only on the points of maximum pigmentation. These points are found only on the hair in the Anagen (growth) stage. This results in transferring the heat directly to the hair follicles.

Therefore, the hair in second and third phases remain unaffected by the laser beam.

Since only about 20-40% of body hair is in the Anagen phase, you would need 6 to 8 sessions over a period of 12 months to eliminate successive rounds of Anagen hair everytime they regrows. However, the exact number of sessions depends on hair and skin type as well as response to treatment. In case of pregnant women, new hair might grow again in previously treated areas due to hormonal changes called a paradoxical effect due to pregnancy or other reasons. This calls for additional laser hair reduction sessions.

Introducing Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Reduction

An effective and pain-free laser hair reduction treatment depends on the technology, technique, and understanding of an individual’s skin and hair type. It also highly depends on the ability to read the skins response and tweak the procedure accordingly.

At Kaya, our experience has given us innumerable insights into how the skin functionas. We also have the region’s largest team of dermatologist studying these insights and working towards creating specialized approaches customized to every individual’s skin.

How Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Reduction solutions work

Generally, laser hair reduction has been perceived to work better on individuals with a combination of light skin and dark hair as compared to other combinations. Since laser hair reduction functions by targeting pigmentation, the laser can cause discomfort on darker skin, while it might be difficult for the laser to spot lighter hair on lighter skin.

In order to cater services to the entire spectrum of our customers, we have worked around these limitations to innovate and create faster, smoother, and painless laser hair reduction treatments for various types of skin and hair

At the heart of the Kaya Ultima experience is the expertise of our dermatologist-therapist teams. Using the latest US FDA approved technologies, systems, and devices, they keep a close eye on the individuals and work thoroughly to understand their skin and hair combination & recommend a plan customized for them. Although all Kaya Ultima solutions are based on three major laser platforms – Alexandrite, Diode and Nd: Yag– no two treatments are quite the same.

What you can look forward to

Your dermatologist will recommend a specific Kaya Ultima solution depending on your skin and hair type. Since all your body hairs have different growth patterns, they can come up at different untreated spots anytime. Therefore, to completely uproot the hair, it is important to follow through the courses recommended with a required number of sessions. The number of sessions depend on your skin colour, coarseness of hair, the area of the body being treated, gender and underlying health conditions. Trust your dermatologist in analyzing these factors in determining a treatment plan that suits you for the best result.


Advanced solutions. Expertly customized.

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Make way to the next generation of laser hair removal technology

Make way to the next generation of laser hair removal technology

It’s faster. It’s smoother. It’s painless

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