Late-onset acne

Understanding late-onset acne

If you thought acne comes and goes the way of teenage angst and high-school crushes, you’re only half right. While significantly less frequent amongst adults, acne continues to exist as a clear and present possibility.

Why does acne decide to reappear?

A variety of reasons: hormonal changes, pollution, lifestyle, an erratic cleansing regime, stress, food choices and unhealthy habits such as smoking. Late onset acne is more than just a confidence-breaker. It’s a deeper and more painful condition than its teenage counterpart. It also tends to be frequent and cyclical. You’ll usually see a breakout around the mouth, jaw and chin. So you can say it’s more localised (perhaps the only advantage you’ll have over a teen whose entire face, neck and shoulders would be vulnerable). Dr. Taysir Jarbouh Rashid from the kaya skin clinic team, points out an important difference between teen and late-onset acne. “Recovering from teen acne is easier as young skin heals itself quickly. However, with adult acne, your skin takes longer to regenerate itself.” Not that it’s much to worry about. “This is entirely natural so don’t worry or you’ll end up with fine lines as well!” quips Dr. Rashid.

Now, if your skin is the sensitive type, it will hurt more because acne can be complicated by sensitivity. So make sure you use the right products. Consult a dermatologist if you need to. Remember that a great many factors are at play – even dehydration and pigmentation tend to complicate a breakout.

Getting rid of acne smoothly.

It’s common knowledge that as you grow older you need to take extra care of your skin. Dr. Rashid provides a helpful perspective. “Much like your anti-ageing regime, your skin needs an anti-acne routine too. Stay clear of trouble by focusing on four areas: overactive sebaceous glands, cell proliferation, acne-causing bacteria and inflammation.”

Use products that contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, which remove dead skin cells; benzoyl peroxide, which kills bacteria; and botanicals like tea tree oil and liquorice.

Wash your face regularly with a mild facial cleanser that doesn’t have a strong fragrance. Use oil-free moisturisers as a make-up base to keep your pores from clogging, and choose water-based or oil-free cosmetics. Keep a close watch on your diet – stay off greasy foods, processed foods, caffeine and sweets, and drink an adequate amount of water. Most importantly, keep your fingers in check: restrain them from pinching those pimples because the bacteria under your fingernails will only exacerbate the condition. If this sounds like teen advice all over again, it’s for a good cause: you don’t want acne all over again. No.

A little expert help can make a big difference

Sure, you could ask a friend what worked for her, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the advice will keep acne off your face. Says Dr. Rashid, “Acne is smart enough to find ways that are unique to your skin, which is why you need a treatment plan customised to suit your skin individually.”

At Kaya skin clinic, we have the region’s largest team of expert dermatologists. Applying the latest technology, techniques and formulations, they have developed a convincing response to the ever-present threat posed by acne.

Kaya advanced acne solutions

As with everything at Kaya, acne treatment follows a holistic approach, combining medication with advanced peel formulations, skincare products and the latest technology. It is aimed at reducing sebum production, exfoliating the skin to prevent clogging of pores, and to act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the severity of acne.

Highly-qualified and experienced dermatologists harness the power of laser technology such as Fractional Laser. A non-invasive treatment, Kaya fractional laser delivers a laser beam that splits itself into thousands of smaller fragmented beams, each of which targets a small fraction of skin at a time. What it means is that each part of your skin receives undivided attention.

The severity of your acne could require a dermaroller, a revolutionary yet brilliantly simple concept. This is a procedure of advanced micro-medical skin-needling to stimulate the skin so that it can regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely. Look at it as coaxing your skin into healing itself.

This could be followed by a Microdermabrasion session during which your skin is sprayed by microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells. Your dermatologist could also recommend peel formulations such as acne aqua salicylic peel and acne aqua therapy with glycolic peel, followed by carefully chosen aftercare products.

So if you want that acne off your face and the smile back on it, just maintain a regular cleansing routine, watch what you eat, don’t scratch the pimples and meet an expert dermatologist in good time. Dealing squarely with problems is, after all, the grown-up thing to do!

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


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