Non-Invasive Intimate Rejuvenation

5 Reasons Why Non-Invasive Intimate Rejuvenation is Better than Surgery

Try Googling ‘intimate rejuvenation’ or ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ and you will see most search results pointing to a host of surgical interventions such as vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, and vulvar liposculpturing—all promising to bring back the confidence lost due to the constant changes in a woman’s life, such as childbirth and hormonal or weight fluctuations, which weaken and stretch the most intimate regions. But confidence for a woman is knowing that she has the power to choose what will suit her best, both inside and out. And non-invasive intimate rejuvenation, gives women the choice to completely rejuvenate the intimate area without the associated effects of surgery.

Read on to find out why non-invasive intimate rejuvenation procedures such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Q-switched laser, specialized peels, carboxy therapy and custom blended filler treatments prove to be a much better choice than surgery.

  1. Minimal pain and associated risks

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists remain skeptical and cautious about cosmetic vaginal surgery due to its risks and lack of scientific data on safety and effectiveness.[1] This is because as with any surgery, intimate rejuvenation through surgical methods can bring about scarring, infections, nerve injury, excessive bleeding, ongoing pain and permanent changes in sensation. Non-invasive intimate treatments on the other hand come with minimal pain and associated risks. Take PRP treatment for instance. PRP which uses your own blood platelets for rejuvenation poses almost no risk of infection or allergy.

  1. Get back to routines in lesser time

Most vaginal rejuvenation surgeries require hospitalization, ranging from an overnight stay to up to five or six days. Apart from the use of either local or general anesthesia, bowel prep is also administered the day before surgery to clear the colon of any stool. It is also difficult to get back to normal routines after discharge as soreness, swelling and bruising remain. Non-invasive intimate treatments, which mostly last for a couple of hours per session, don’t require a break of routine. Take carboxy therapy, for example—a quick treatment which requires no downtime at all. This procedure, which makes use of the natural rescue response of the body to drive oxygen to where carbon dioxide is found, by injecting measured doses of carbon dioxide, causes only a slight swelling which usually subsides in a few hours.

  1. The same level expert care

It’s erroneous to assume that only surgery and hospitalization will give you the expert care you require for such a delicate and sensitive area. Non-invasive intimate procedures are generally handled by dermatologists as they require a high-level of expertise. Take Q-switched laser treatments for instance. Before commencing the treatment, dermatologists check patient history. Patients with cold sores or herpes simplex are adequately advised since the laser energy can activate the virus. Post-treatment, the dermatologist advises the patient on the necessary precautions to be taken and prescribes a topical application for relief from discomfort, if any.

  1. Costs lesser on your pocket and mind

Although non-invasive intimate rejuvenation procedures such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Q-switched laser, and carboxy therapy are state-of-the-art techniques performed by qualified dermatologists, they still work out cheaper than vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Surgery works out costlier owing to the associated costs of hospitalization, medicines and the time off from active work, in addition to the emotional and physical stress experienced by the patient and close family.

  1. Choice of customized procedures

Finally, with non-invasive intimate rejuvenation procedures the choice lies with you. In consultation with your dermatologist, you can decide upon the best course of treatment that will suit your specific intimate needs. Unlike surgery, which ties you down to a single option, you can choose either one or a combination of treatments, spaced over a period of time that fits into your schedule and budget.

True beauty lies in confidence—the confidence to choose and be beautiful both inside and out. Non-invasive intimate rejuvenation procedures give you the confidence you deserve.


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– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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