Never a bad hair day again!

 Bright and sunny everywhere, dark days for hair.” Is this the forecast you expect for the next few months? Sadly so, for most of us. In this region where the weather and water are seldom, if ever, hair-friendly, taking care of your hair is of paramount importance. The water that gushes out of the shower is heavily treated to make it usable, but the chemicals in it can take a toll on your beautiful locks.

Add to it your lifestyle and your hair will find itself in a mess. Think about what you put it through on a daily basis, how often you use a straightener…or how often you change its colour. So it’s hardly surprising that many of us here have to deal with hair-fall and receding hairline issues.

Hair care begins with the tips.

All is not lost. You still have your hair and you can protect it even now. Just read on and you’ll arrive at a list of not-so-secret hair tips that’ll help you care for your locks yourself.

#1 If you use a hair straightener, dryer or curling iron on a regular basis, don’t. They do them more harm than good.

#2 Think hair colour is fantastic? If only you could ask your hair what it really thinks. Go easy, be sparing… and spare your hair the agony.

#3 A dry scalp isn’t conducive to healthy hair. So make sure you keep your scalp hydrated with a moisturizing shampoo.

#4 On the surface, this point may be contrary to #3. But do not shampoo your hair every day. Any expert will tell you how shampoo can strip your hair off proteins and keratin, thus weakening your strands.

#5 Use a conditioner every time you use a shampoo. Why? Because conditioners replace all the good things that shampoos remove.

#6 Run warm water over your hair before you shampoo it.

#7 Use your palms and fingertips to massage your scalp in a circular motion when you are washing your hair. This increases blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth.

#8 Never ever brush or tie wet hair.

#9 Oil your hair regularly to keep it healthy. Ah, if only you had listened to your parents back then.

#10 While you are feeding your hair, make sure you feed yourself a healthy diet. Avoid grease completely and eat loads of almonds, fish, vegetables, fresh fruits, and anything else that is rich in proteins and calcium.

Applying solutions to the root of the problem

While hair-loss may be common, its reasons are usually not. Each individual has a unique set of reasons for thinning locks. At Kaya, the region’s largest international chain of skin clinics, our team of expert dermatologists has developed solutions that are customized for each individual. The treatment could include one or a combination of oral medication and hair care products such as Kaya’s Hair Health Gel for Hair Loss, Anti-Dandruff Lotion and Nourishing Shampoo.

In cases where hair loss is alarming and baldness is a clear and present danger, your dermatologist may suggest Intensive HairRoot Therapy, a treatment that begins with a comprehensive hair and scalp analysis, which we call ‘Hair Scription’, for a better understanding of hair type and behaviour. We also harness the power of technology by employing a Hair Scope Machine that determines the cause of hair-loss. Hair stimulating solutions and vitamins are then inserted into the scalp at the hair follicle level, which is far more advantageous than topical application of remedies that sit on the scalp but do not reach the hair follicle. This treatment is based on Mesotherapy techniques – a clinically tested and result-oriented treatment for early hair-loss. Intensive HairRoot Therapy is ideal for those with stress-related hair thinning, age-related hair-loss, post-pregnancy hair-loss, and male pattern hair-loss. It also effectively negates the effect of inadequate sleep, genetic traits, extreme weather conditions, pollution, dandruff, excessive perspiration, poor hygiene and nutrition. You see, we like to keep you covered from every possible angle.

Like we mentioned earlier, no two individuals have the same set of reasons for hair loss. That is why we offer more than one line of treatment. Platelet Rejuvenation Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a natural hair rejuvenation treatment for men and women. It effectively controls hair loss and reverses it too, with almost no down time. Platelets that contain ‘growth factors’ are injected into the scalp to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. Sounds painful? It isn’t! While it involves multiple needle pricks, our expert dermatologists use a numbing cream so that you don’t feel a thing. But most importantly, it is a totally safe and natural procedure without any side-effects.

So the next time you brush your hair, feel free. Step out with a confident toss of your mane, because your locks will be stronger than ever and yours to keep for years to come.

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


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