How to Celebrate Valentine's Day to Make it Memorable

The best thing that ever happens without a plan is Love. Sharing the last piece of a cake, no matter how much you want it – is Love, and Valentine’s is the day to express your love, passion, and affection. Valentine’s Day is a day that is all about romance and love.

It is also a day for you to let your feelings be known to someone. So express yourself in a way, that your partner falls more deeply in love with you! But read this BEWARE blog before you celebrate your romance on what not to talk about on your Valentine’s date. Your words and your grooming can ruin your perfect first valentine’s date. So, if you are afraid of disappointment and have no idea what to speak or fear that you might turn numb then this Valentine’s day read will help you find the answers.

Thinking about your Valentine’s date makes you excited and nervous. Well here is the first thing you need to avoid on the date:


  • Avoid talking too much about yourself:

It is proven that having a bit of mystery in your personality makes you more attractive. If you go on and on talking about yourself you can come across as an extremely self-obsessed person and might share an image of insecurity. So, create a balance between speaking about yourself and asking questions, rather try starting an interesting conversation with your date. After all, it’s all about knowing each other!

  • Avoid talking about marriage and kids:

A date is the first step to getting comfortable with each other so avoid discussing your marriage fantasies with your partner. It is your valentine’s date you might not be sure about sharing your personal space, so let the future be discussed in the future. It makes you look desperate and you might land up rushing into things that you don’t want to regret later.

  • Avoid controversial topics:

Say no to topics that include finance, religion, politics, and family this will only ruin your date.

Of course, you can share a brief about your family and background, but try to cut it off before speaking too much. We all have different opinions and perspectives on things that might not match each other.

There are various things you can discuss with your valentine’s date like a place you like to travel, food and different cuisines, things you like or dislike, discussing movies, and such things where you can keep it simple and engaging. We definitely should talk about ourselves, hobbies, things we are into, what we like, crazy funny things about life, opinions on love life, etc.


Fun dates are the best dates and for keeping it fun and comfy you can play some cute little competitions, bets, and games to make a relationship healthy and an evening filled with excitement.  Like a Truth and Dare, an eating competition or just rock, paper, scissors. Games can help you mingle with each other and understand each other better rather than co-relating your Valentine’s date to a personal interview session.


Love is beautiful when you discover its beauty. Meeting that one special someone who is the whipped cream to your cupcake and butter to your toast makes you feel joyful. We assume that only women love surprises but even men do wait for surprises, make it special by letting your partner not wait for the surprise but you can instead plan one to make it more memorable. Chocolates and flowers are a bit old school now you can surprise them with a glow on your face and some wellness gifts which your partner would admire. It is a perfect day and a perfect evening to plan a surprise for your special someone to whom you confess your feelings and emotions without any hesitation.


There is no secret that confidence is the key, and when you look good you inherit confidence. This Valentine surprise your partner with the best gift options which Kaya has got for you. Let your partner flaunt the confidence and feel the best. This Valentine’s Day, say “I love you” with Kaya products and make yourself and your partner look attractive.

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Surprise your date with a spa voucher and get Kaya’s special facials that are tailored to help you feel more confident which can capture the intensity of your partner’s eye. Whether you’re looking to clear up acne, reduce wrinkles, or just want a relaxing and pampering experience, Kaya has a bunch of perfect facials for both.

Perhaps, if you are on a blind date and are unaware of your partner’s choices, Kaya also has a gift card, giving your date the freedom to choose beauty and grooming packages the way they like. After all, remember the thumb rule, never go empty-handed on your date.


  1. For the Beauties, let the man feel that he has a magnificent woman on his date. Put your best foot forward and even if you are nervous, go by the old saying, put on the right lipstick and you can conquer the world.
  2. Don’t forget to put on some sensual perfume because the fragrance is a reflector of your beauty and an unforgettable accessory.
  3. Dress well on your date with the perfect accessories and minimal jewellery that makes you look elegant.
  4. Men need care too. Yes, you heard it right. Real men take care of their skin and they also need the same skin care as women. Kaya has some amazing treatments for men which make you look your best. We have a solution to all your problems including hair transplant, laser hair removal, and body countering treatments.  Do consider these treatments before your date.
  5. Gentlemen wear a neat shirt or t-shirt with contrasting color pants. Keep your styling simple.
  6. Get your hair grooming done with Kaya.
  7. Don’t forget to style yourself with the perfect footwear.
  8. Perfumes attract women, use musk, oud, and aqua scents to get her closer.
  9. Don’t forget your wristwatch as this time it’s special!


Control your excitement and prepare yourself for the date! Get your treatments done beforehand.

  • Firstly, be sure to schedule a consultation with a Kaya skin expert.
  • We can help you figure out which facial treatment will work best for your skin type and give you personalized advice on how to take care of your skin before your special night. So, let your body shine and your face glows with the best Kaya face therapies.
  • Opt for a full-body beauty laser treatment to make your evening memorable.
  • Kaya has the perfect products to help you feel confident and beautiful inside out. Kaya takes care of you and your skin with organic and natural ingredients and makes you feel proud of using the best skincare products and services.
  • So, go ahead and enjoy the beautiful day with your loved one this Valentine’s Day—Kaya will make sure you don’t miss a chance to impress!

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


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