Facial Contouring with Botox®

For all the workouts in the world, there’s one part of the body that seems to defy every attempt to slim it. It’s the face, particularly the jawline.

Fact is, our jaws work long hours, helping us do the things that make it possible to survive (eat), get things done and stay sane (communicate with the world around us). Powering all this movement is the masseter or chewing muscle – which, incidentally, is the strongest muscle in the body for its weight.

Here’s a fun fact. The masseter muscle teams up with its colleagues to close the teeth with a force as great as 25 kilograms on the incisors and 90 kilograms on the molars. Clearly it isn’t designed to stay petite and elegant.

As the muscles develop, doing their job over and over again, they build out the appearance of the jaw, broadening the face. What’s a girl to do?

Jawline slimming –  the shot that does it all.

Botox® to the rescue. Yes, the same wonder-worker which the world trusts for wrinkle reduction. Turns out, Botox® can do a lot more than age control. It’s fast becoming the go-to solution for enhancement through aesthetic redesign. In the right hands, Botox® can actually make a jaw look slimmer. What it will do is first get the muscle group to relax. This causes them to lose bulk smoothly and swiftly. As a result, your face appears slightly smaller in a few days. A couple of months of relaxation, and the muscles shrink away. The visage of a smaller face stays for a good 6-8 months.

Facial contouring is fast gaining popularity the world over. It helps slim down  square-shaped jawlines and full cheeks, lending the face an oval or V shape that is slimmer in profile for a more youthful look, while the skin appears rejuvenated and revitalised.

Age rings are for trees, not your neck.

Neck bands aren’t a pretty sight to most of us when we look into the mirror. What causes them? Age seems to be the obvious answer. Our Y-zone skin – jawline and down the neck – is thinner and more delicate than facial skin. With less fat support underneath it and fewer oil glands, it is more prone to the ageing effect of time and the things we do.

The Platysmal bands are two strips of muscle that originate at the base of the neck and run all the way up to the jaw, along the front left and right sides of your neck. They play up when you grimace, clench your teeth, or stress in your neck region. These are the things we do ever so often as we respond to our emotions, express ourselves and even as we work out at the gym – especially as we lift weights or do any sort of resistance training.

And what about the hours we spend staring down at our phone screens? Along with “tech neck” stiffness and soreness, come ever-deepening lines on the neck as the muscles impose folds on delicate skin.

Botox® is a smart way to turn back the clock. It can help relax the complex system of elevator and depressor muscles in the area, and most visibly, the vertical (platysma) muscles which etch as they stretch.

Slim jawline, smooth neck, safe procedure.

Popular the world over as the Nefertiti neck lift, the technique of strategic Botox® along the lower jawline and down the side of the neck along the platysma muscle yields excellent results. A truly non-invasive procedure, it’s quick, easy and safe when you consult reputable dermatologists. They have the requisite expertise and work with genuine US FDA approved Botox®.

Look forward to a sharper, slimmer jawline and smoother, more youthful neck. As we say at Kaya, “Everyone will notice, no one will know.”

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– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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