With increasing advancements and equally increasing awareness in the field of medicine, the age of monotherapies is slowly coming to an end as the newer concept of combination therapy continuously gains popularity among practitioners and consumers alike. Combination therapy is a form of treatment that utilizes more than one drug or service to treat an underlying issue.

A ‘multipurpose’ therapy

In dermatology, combination therapy consists of multiple treatments, all included in one ‘bundle’, aiming at improving a consumer’s overall aesthetic appearance. It involves both minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment approaches. Working on the principle that a single mode of treatment cannot offer benefits in more than one aspect, the treatment offers the best advantages of various forms of treatment like derma fillers, topical therapies, laser therapies and radiofrequency based-therapies, all in one sitting. It’s a ‘multipurpose’ therapy, if you will.

Shorter recovery times

You may think that agreeing to use multiple treatments at the same time is an invitation for extra pain or longer downtime,In reality, however, combination therapy doesn’t always add to the burden. By using highly evolved technology, these treatments ease the recovery processes to a great extent. The combined effect tends to have a synergic effect that nourishes the skin and can help treat flare ups without much extra effort. The holistic nature of combination therapies particulary benefits skin that suffers from acne because while they help improve skin quality, they also target the root cause and help tackle the inflammation behind the breakouts in your skin.

Less frequent visits to your dermatologist

Skin treatment is a journey you take with your dermatologist and it doesn’t end with one visit The multiple needs of your skin demand multiple treatments and it is not always possible to sit for a number of therapies, one at a time. Combination therapy uses different products and services together in one go, hence sparing you the hassle of having to sit through multiple appointments. What’s better, the fact that combination therapies replace a number of individual treatments means that you will end up saving a lot of time as well.

Long-lasting effects

The effects of such treatments are also very long-lasting. In fact, according to a research presented at the 2018 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, individuals with psoriasis who used an HP/TAZ lotion were reported to have shown faster and more lasting improvement when this combination treatment was used for a year. The relative permanence of the treatment will also help you avoid invasive treatments in the long run.

The rise in awareness about various modes of treatment, preference to improve aesthetic appearance and decreasing device cost are all leading to a rise in preference for combination therapies by consumers and practitioners alike. However, no two skin treatments are alike. Make sure that you consult your dermatologist before moving forward with combination therapies so that both you and your skin get only what you deserve—the best.

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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