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A beautiful body is always a work in progress. Time and lifestyle factors add various challenges, creating visible changes in skin texture and body contour. That’s why our body solutions combine diverse technologies and techniques to smooth out cellulite, ease away telltale veins and edemas, and trim difficult areas to help craft those cuts and curves just the way you want them. Kaya Body Solutions are also an excellent preventative strategy if you start with them early enough.

As life takes its course, inevitable physical changes make their way. Some show up early, while others unfold over the years. Pregnancy, or ageing, may cause skin to sag as underlying connective tissue weakens. Metabolic activity winds down, as a result of which fat accumulates more easily.Hormonal changes unleash processes that encourage cellulite formation and water retention in certain areas of the body. Lifestyle factors weigh in as dietary and exercise routines waver. Long hours in high heels and seated positions affect blood circulation, causing legs to hurt and swell, while varicose and spider veins make their presence increasingly felt.

These changes can be stubborn. Diet, exercise and lifestyle modification certainly help to an extent, but cannot reverse them altogether.

Introducing Kaya Body Solutions

At Kaya, the region’s leading dermatological team draws upon advanced techniques and technologies to deliver customised Body Solutions. These non-surgical, non-invasive treatments deliver cellulite clearing, edema draining, fat dissolving and skin tightening benefits, to restore a sense of well being. As they address the underlying processes causing the conditions that concern you, Kaya Body Solutions make for efficacious preventative care too.

Outside of these concerns, Kaya Body Solutions also offer a host of body contouring benefits from a purely aesthetic perspective. As a followup to fitness work, they help sculpt out that perfectly contoured body with perfect curves.

However, body contouring should not be confused with weight-loss or obesity-reversal therapies. It is meant to provide targeted contour improvement for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, are close to their ideal weight and are only seeking to firm up or redefine specific areas – especially around the hips, waist and thighs. (This approach also makes body contouring invaluable for those who may have achieved significant weight loss, be it through lifestyle changes or bariatric surgery)

How Kaya Body Solutions work

Kaya Body Solutions take a holistic approach, integrating multiple treatments to help prevent or resolve concerns such as localised fat, skin laxity, cellulite and edema or water retention. They also help rejuvenate skin compromised by poor circulation.

It’s important to remember that no two individuals are identical in the way their body responds to lifestyle and environmental factors. Our dermatologists use DNA Mapping, one of the latest diagnostic tools offered by genomic science, to predict an individual’s propensity to gain weight, develop cellulite or express other conditions where preventive or early intervention can make all the difference. Insights from DNA Mapping help personalise the treatment approach with precision.

Pressure therapy enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting elimination of waste products and strengthening the immune system. Better lymphatic drainage helps eliminate body fat and cellulite, and reduce edema or water retention. Skin tone improves while varicose and spider veins are diminished.

Cryotherapy freezes and destroys localised subcutaneous fat tissue. Dead cells are then eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system.

Multipolar Radiofrequency, the first FDA cleared device to utilise 4D® technology, smooths and tones areas affected by cellulite. It firms up the skin and reduces circumference.

Let’s take a look at the outcomes Kaya Body Solutions can help achieve:

Cellulite reduction

Cellulite develops to various grades depending on a range of lifestyle and genetic factors. Kaya Body Solutions deliver effective, measurable cellulite reduction.

Body reshaping

Configured to bring stubborn zones down to size, Kaya Body Solutions take care of localised fat such as a little extra on the abdomen, hips, arms. In fact, any area where a caliper measure exceeds 14 mm. They fine-tune the streamlined look by trimming away love handles and bra fat.

Skin tightening

Just as easily as they eliminate cellulite and localised fat deposits, Kaya Body Solutions also restore loose skin to firm, supple condition. This is especially helpful for post-pregnancy ‘mommy makeovers’ and a complete return to shape for those who have shed large amounts of weight through bariatric surgery or significant lifestyle changes.

Double chin reduction

Double chins are exceptionally unresponsive to diet and exercise. They could result from weight gain at any time current or past, or through age-related muscle slackening. Although several localised ‘facial workouts’ exist, there is a basic limit to their efficacy. Kaya Body Solutions provide effective non-surgical intervention, restoring a firm, youthful jawline.

Skin rejuvenation

Kaya Body Solutions help restore the appearance of skin compromised by poor circulation. They diminish varicose and spider veins. Your dermatologist may blend in specialised solutions such as microdermabrasion, PRP (plasma-rich platelet) Therapy, as well as specialised peels to make the transition from restoration to enhancement.

Edema reversal

Kaya Body Solutions are an effective answer to the nagging problem of water retention. The treatment targets edematous cellulite – complex structures that swell up with trapped fluid.

What to expect

Depending on your concern, the dermatologist will recommend one or a combination of treatments best suited for you. You can look forward to a steady improvement as circulatory and drainage systems pep up and the body quietly, naturally eliminates deactivated, dislodged fat cells or trapped moisture.

As newly refined skin or redefined contour become evident, you may wonder how long the new look could last. Pinch yourself again. With a healthy regimen of diet and exercise , it’s here to stay. If you’ve opted for the preventative care of Kaya Body Solutions, you know exactly what you need not worry about, going forward.

Pre-treatment care

  • For 24 hours before the treatment avoid cosmetic creams and topical treatments
  • For 24 hours before the treatment avoid medications (for instance, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) that increase the risk of bleeding
  • Avoid alcohol
  • It’s advisable to scrub the body before the session


  • For the rest of the day, following treatment, drink a lot of water. Avoid carbohydrates and heavy meals.
  • For 24 hours after the treatment avoid cosmetic creams and topical treatments
  • For 24 hours after the treatment avoid hot showers, saunas, Jacuzzi tubs, massages and swimming pools
  • For 48 hours after the treatment avoid intense physical activity
  • Avoid alcohol

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