Carboxy Therapy improves skin elasticity, improves circulation, encourages collagen repair, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and destroys localized fatty deposits.

This versatility makes it a treatment of choice of a variety of conditions.

  • When used for rejuvenating hands and feet, Carboxy Therapy reactivates growth of the collagen layer which will support the skin and keep it from sinking in to the structural parts like the veins, tendons and also enhances the blood circulation leading to better oxygenation of the cells improving skin quality and texture.
  • Stretch marks which caused by the rupture of dermal collagen fibres get repaired as the collagen matrix rebuilds itself , the fibrotic tissue underneath mechanically improves and the skin thickens as a result. Stretch marks start to fade away.
  • When injected at the lips, this collagen rebuilding plumps them up and improves lip color by improving the circulation.
  • A special technique of injecting carbon dioxide makes the fat cells burst. (They are subsequently eliminated from the body through lymphatic drainage) This helps spot fat reduction and cellulite removal.
  • The process of oxygenation, stimulated blood circulation and consequently increased supply of nutrients stimulates the hair follicles when Carboxy Therapy is used on the scalp. These rejuvenated hair follicles spur on hair growth.
How Carboxy Therapy works

Carboxy Therapy is an ingeniously restorative approach that gently provokes the body into rushing more oxygen to that area of skin where it is needed.

Here’s the basic science behind the technique.

We take in oxygen with every breath of air. This oxygen goes into our lungs from where the red blood cells pick it up and carry it to our tissues. En route, they come across hard working spots which are characterised by an excess of carbon dioxide. This is because all the cells in our body, whether in the heart, brain or skin, release carbon dioxide as their waste product when working.

Encountered with an excess of carbon dioxide, the red blood cells rush to the spot and release the oxygen molecules they are carrying, so as to pick up the carbon dioxide molecules, which are then released via the lungs.

Carboxy Therapy utilises this natural ‘rescue’ response to drive oxygen into areas which need an extra spurt of it.

This is how the procedure goes. A measured dose of carbon dioxide is injected into a targeted area below the surface of the skin. Promptly, blood rushes to the site, carrying a vitalizing charge of fresh oxygen. An exchange of gases takes place, after which the blood resumes its journey, now with a load of carbon dioxide which it carries to the lungs for exhalation.

To the skin, that literally comes as a breath of fresh air. The increased circulation improves capillary networks, reversing the bluish tinge of tired skin bringing renewed healthy brightness.

What you can look forward to

A quick treatment with almost no downtime at all. It is a perfectly safe procedure. The treated area will might have a bit of swelling which will subside in a few hours. You can expect improved skin texture which will continue to improve with maintenance sessions.

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