Has the lockdown affected your skincare routine and made your skin dry and dull? Try out these skincare home remedies to keep your skin glowing!

Prolonged home quarantine period along with drastic changes in eating habits, lack of exercise, reduced water intake, change in weather and simply being lazy can lead to your body reacting differently and causing hormonal imbalance. The consequences? Dry skin somewhere, oily skin somewhere else, acne, pimples acting up, heat boils on your forehead and chin, etc. – everything you could and actually would rather avoid.

In our daily routines, we pay special attention to keeping skin soft and clean. Why change that now? Agree, you may have run out of products that are a part of your skincare regimen, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try substitutes that are easy to acquire even during the coronavirus lockdown. Check out these skincare hacks or tips that will aid in keeping your skin nourishing and glowing while you stay home:

#1 Aloe-ha!

Aloe Vera is one of the best things to have at home and as a skincare essential. May it be the actual plant or an Aloe Vera face wash/face pack, the ingredient is very useful in treating skin issues like dry skin, acne and sore red scars. Keep it in a cool and dry place (in the refrigerator works too) and use as per requirement, preferably once every day. It is an anti-bacterial substance so works as a great natural remedy for treating dry skin as well as reducing acne.

P.S. – If you are using the plant, cut at the base of the stem and place the leaves in a glass or bowl for 10 minutes, the cut side facing downwards. This allows all the resin or aloe latex to bleed out. This should not be mixed in with the actual gel since the latex can cause severe irritation to your skin rather than helping it. Once the resin is all out, make sure to wash the leaves under cool water to remove any remaining aloe latex.

#2 Make it Orange

Vitamin C is great for reducing hyper-pigmentation as well as keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Since oranges are inexpensive and are in season almost all throughout the year, feel free to stock up on the fruit and consume it on a daily basis to keep your skin nourished. But don’t throw those peels away just yet! The sun is shining bright, so take advantage of all that sunlight and dry out those orange peels for 36-48 hours. Once done, you can blend it to make a fine powder and use it as a scrub cum exfoliator once a week when mixed with honey.

#3 Cool as a Cucumber

Munch it, puree it, juice it – cucumber will be your skin’s best friend during the coronavirus lockdown! It’s cooling, its 95% water and is a storehouse of anti-oxidants. You can directly rub cucumber slices on aggravated acne skin or blend it to make a puree that can be used as a face mask which brings life back to your dry skin. Many are turning to munch on snacks out of sheer boredom during the lockdown. Train your mind to reach out for cucumber rather than any junk food so that you come out of the home quarantine period with no regrets about your skin.

#4 Ice, Ice Baby!

It’s getting really hot, and humid and those ice cubes are more useful than just keeping your drink cool! The humidity can take a toll on your skin and make it greasy. These can activate the oil glands and cause heat boils and acne to pop up. Applying ice all over your face can cool the skin, remove impurities and greatly reduce the size of the pimple bumps. In fact, you should make it a point to include ice cubes in your regular skincare routine. For some, directly applying ice on the skin works but for most people what works is wrapping an ice cube in a soft cotton napkin or handkerchief and massaging your face in a circular motion. It provides temporary relief to the redness but at least it keeps your skin clean and hydrated. You can also mix in the Aloe Vera gel while freezing your ice cubes for a better effect on your skin.

#5 Honey, Please

If your skin has become dry and dull, applying honey can help as a natural moisturizer. You can mix it with orange peel powder or cinnamon to exfoliate and cleanse your skin of impurities. Raw honey works better than any processed honey, but it is essential to do a patch test on your hand before applying the mix on your face. If you develop any redness or itchiness, it means your face will not respond positively either.

P.S. If you are allergic to pollen, it is best to avoid using honey for your skin and reduce the consumption of honey to a minimum as well. Honey is a by-product of pollen and instead of benefitting your skin, it can damage it even more.

#6 All About Water!

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much water you drink. Water is essential for your body and skin since it aids in eliminating toxins, keeping you hydrated and of course, settling down your oil glands. Also, it will better the process of using a moisturizer and keep your skin soft and supple. Water can also reduce any puffiness and keep skin inflammation at bay.

While these item are mainly for keeping your face glowing and healthy, they can also be put to use on other parts of your body. Before you go full-fledged on anything, make sure to do a patch test on your arm or elbow to know what suits your skin and what doesn’t (you wouldn’t want your skin to get worse). Once everything goes back to normal, you can always consult a dermatologist for professional advice on improving your skin.

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