Body contour has always been a challenge to measure and track. Weighing scales can be off the mark because, although weight loss and body contour may be related, changes in body contour may not actually move the needle to any noticeable extent. Besides, multiple factors such as muscle, fat, bone, and water play an important part in determining the number on the scale.

Tape measures tell only part of the story as the finer points of body contour measurement go beyond the capability of manual measurement. A slight tilt here or a bit of slack there, can vary the results by as much as 10%. Caliper measurement shares the same limitations and margin of human error.

However, with the evolution of digital fitness tracking and visualization technologies, an accurate and objective new method has emerged.

Styku is a non-contact, non-invasive 3D body scanner that is revolutionizing the way we measure body contour. Not only does it deliver numerical information with precision and accuracy, it also provides visual modelling which makes it easy – and motivating –   to observe the impact of body contouring changes and track progress towards treatment goals.

In fact, it provides the most direct measurement of body fat possible.

With advanced sensor technology, body measurement takes a turn for the better. No longer does it involve the pinch of a caliper, the awkwardness of tape measurement or the element of manual error. All you need to do is stand on a gently revolving turntable with arms comfortably stretched outward and fists closed as you naturally would to balance yourself. Within a span of 40 seconds (a single turn), an advanced camera runs a harmless infra-red scan and captures enough surface data to render an accurate 3D model of your body. In simple terms, Styku runs a virtual measuring tape around various sections of your body to develop a 3D ‘likeness’, as well as compute volume, surface area, body fat percentage and other indicators.

Assessment is quick and you receive your 3D ‘likeness’ in a matter of minutes, along with all the numbers you need. Taken at periodic intervals, Styku actually shows you how your body is shaping up. For instance, a pair of 3D models, taken at different points of time, make changes apparent by way of a side-by-side comparison. For a more exact sense, body contours can be outlined and overlapped to present the difference. This is especially important when body shape transformation takes place without necessarily entailing a change in body weight.

Because Styku uses a non-invasive and surface-only camera, it is important that your clothing does not obstruct the sensing and measurement of body contour. Form fitting clothing is required, and gym gear or yoga pants are ideal. The scan is carried out in a strictly private setting and your data is closely guarded.

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