Although sweating is an essential aspect of your body’s temperature control system in the overall sense, underarm perspiration contributes minimally to the cooling process. On the other hand, it can cause a disproportionate amount of physical discomfort and social embarrassment.

As only about 2% of the body’s 2 to 4 million sweat glands (and a large percentage of odour glands) are located in the underarm area, it is perfectly safe to eliminate them. By doing so, we eliminate the problem of underarm sweating and odour.

miraDry® is a unique, non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that will free you from the bothersome problems of underarm sweat. It eliminates the sweat and odour glands so you can feel confident that your underarms will remain dry in any situation.

miraDry® brings welcome relief to those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive armpit sweating.

It makes a significant difference to those who opt for it as a lifestyle based decision. The treatment puts an end to perspiration patches, deodorant stains and body odour — all of which restrict wardrobe choices, social activities or, for that matter, relaxed, confident body language.

miraDry® is a revolutionary new approach based on a simple scientific fact: sweat and odour glands, once eliminated, cannot grow back. The technique consists of delivering localised, precisely controlled electromagnetic energy directly down into the dermis where the Eccrine (sweat) and Apocrine (odour) glands reside. The heat created, decomposes the glands. Thermolysis, as this process is called, achieves near-total elimination. The procedure is non-invasive and is carried out with a handheld device which also cools the upper layers of skin to protect it from any sort of heat injury.

Clinical studies show that the treatment reduces sweat volume by an average of 82%. miraDry® is the first and only device cleared by the US FDA for this line of treatment to eliminate odour and hyperhidrosis.

You can expect to have an immediate reduction in armpit sweating and the accompanying odour. This effect is a permanent one as sweat and odour glands do not regenerate. Your Kaya dermatologist will discuss with you, the amount of sweat reduction you can expect in precise terms. As with any treatment, the results may vary from one individual to another.

You will experience a little pain as your underarms are numbed before a miraDry® treatment. Right after treatment, you may experience temporary swelling, soreness, tingling and numbness in the treated area. These sensations typically clear up within a few days to a few weeks.

The treatment tends to eliminate some underarm hair as well.

Downtime is minimal. Going forward, you may experience a bit of discomfort, or slightly altered sensation in the skin of your underarms or upper arms for several days after the treatment.

You will see results with one or two treatments at the most. However, as with any aesthetic procedure, your dermatologist will determine the ideal plan to achieve the results you desire.

  • Ice the treated area immediately (wrap the ice packs in a towel to prevent frostbite as your skin is still numb and you may not feel the full effects of the ice). Continue icing over the next few days to reduce swelling. This phase may last up to 2 weeks.
  • Take the anti-inflammatory medication as prescribed by the Dermatologist over the next few days, to reduce inflammation and discomfort.
  • Keep your underarms clean while healing from the procedure. Use gentle liquid soap to cleanse the underarms twice a day.
  • Apply Fusibact cream twice daily for 3 days.
  • As underarms could be tender for up to 2 weeks as they heal from the procedure:
  • Avoid shaving until the tenderness has subsided enough for your comfort
  • Avoid applying antiperspirant / deodorant
  • Wear a loose top to prevent underarm irritation
  • Avoid rigorous activities for several days after the procedure. If you normally exercise heavily, wait a few days before resuming your routine.
  • A few minor effects could last several weeks. These include swelling in the arm or torso, altered sensation (numbness or tingling) in the skin of the treated area on the arm; redness or bruising in the underarm or adjacent area.
  • Other minor effects that may last longer may include bumps around the treated area, which should gradually disappear.
  • There may be partial and permanent hair loss in the underarm area.
  • All the best with your recovery, and don’t forget, we’re never far from where you are. Just call, should you need help.

Don’t I need sweat glands?

Of course you do, which is why you have about 2 million of them all over your body. They act as thermal regulators, using the evaporation of sweat as a way to cool you down. However, you could easily do without the ones in the underarm area, which add up to no more than 2% of your sweat glands… but possibly, a far greater percentage of your discomfort! Although your miraDry® treatment leaves your underarms satisfactorily dry, the rest of your sweat glands continue to do their job.

Is the miraDry® procedure painful?

The area is numbed with a local anesthetic, and the procedure is non-invasive — which means no cuts or incisions are made. Besides, the handpiece cools the skin while sending heat energy deep into the dermis. This ensures that there is no heat-induced pain during or after the session. After the anaesthetic has worn off, you may feel a bit of discomfort, or slightly altered sensation for a few days.

What results can I expect?

You can be confident of an immediate and permanent reduction in underarm sweating, as sweat glands do not grow back. (Much like tooth extraction) You will also see an immediate reduction in odour. Typically around 80% reduction is achieved in a session, which should get you to the comfort level you seek.

How many miraDry® sessions would I need?

Most customers receive satisfactory results within a single session as it achieves a reduction of around 80%. However, individual results or personal preference may point towards a second session.

How safe is miraDry® treatment?

miraDry® is approved by the US FDA and has been used in over 55,000 treatments worldwide with an excellent safety record.

Is there any downtime?

Normally, you should be able to return to moderate activity shortly after the treatment, although you would need to ice the area. Considering this, you may want to take the rest of the day off. Light exercise can resume as soon as you feel comfortable enough, but try and be easy on the treated area for a few days after treatment.

Are they any side effects of miraDry®?

After treatment, you may experience temporary swelling, soreness, tingling and numbness in the treated area. These sensations typically clear up within a few days to a few weeks. There have been no reports of permanent side effects; however, some patients experience short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears. Your dermatologist will, of course, do the preliminary checks to see if miraDry® is right for you.

Can miraDry® cause breast cancer?

No. miraDry® uses microwaves which are totally safe and not radiation which would call for extreme caution as is exercised in advanced diagnostics. Beside the fact that microwaves are not carcinogenic, the amount and intensity is too low to cause any form of damage. The US FDA certification has been earned after extensive proof that miraWaveTM energy is safe.

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