There are several hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers and polymer products that are available in the market which focus on the localized part for a volumizing effect. However, we often tend to overlook the fact that these products and treatments can have side effects as they block the blood vessels or press them.

At Kaya, we have introduced an alternative treatment GOURI, an injectable treatment based on fully solubilized biocompatible and biodegradable PCL that spreads naturally into the extensive parts of the skin to give you a rejuvenating and lifting effect throughout your face.

GOURI is a new style injectable treatment based on fully solubilized biocompatible and biodegradable PCL. It uses the DEXLEVO’s Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active
and Biodegradable Polymer Technology, a unique technology that enables regeneration of natural skin collagen without microparticles encouraging face lifting and elasticity for the entire face by neocollagenesis.

After hyaluron, PCL is the best-known substance that is used to build volume in the face. Unlike other fillers, GOURI is minimally invasive as it requires fewer injections and has no side effects.

GOURI is injected at a few points and is gently massaged so that the PCL distributes itself into the tissue after injection. It changes into 3D Matrix and stimulates fibroblasts. This fills the wrinkles and builds the volume in a soft and natural manner throughout the face. Alongside acting as an anti-aging face filler, its dual action makes the entire face appear firmer and younger for a longer duration, ultimately delaying the aging of the skin.

• Lifting and tightening of the skin.
• Stimulates the body’s collagen synthesis in the cells, leading to a lasting and natural rejuvenation of the face.
• Has an anti-aging effect on the skin.
• Delays the skin’s aging process.

GOURI can be used on the forehead, nose area, cheeks, mouth area, and eye area. It can be used to address specific issues like crow’s feet, marionette wrinkles, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, general facial contour, and sagging tissue.

GOURI requires only a few injections for a visible lifting effect. Each side of the face requires five injections. Hence, the entire face can be finished in 10 injections. The sessions can be placed at an interval of 3-4 weeks

GOURI is an injectable implant that consists of three sessions of treatment depending on the area of treatment at an interval of 3-4 weeks. Additional 1-2 treatments at an interval of 3-6 months can be performed depending on the patient’s condition. After a few sessions, you may be able to see visible effects on your skin in terms of firmness. The effect of the treatments can be seen even after several months.

Once you are done with the Gouri Treatment, you need to follow the below process.
Make sure not to indulge in hardcore workouts, no heating on your face so avoid sauna, swimming & the jacuzzi for a minimum of 1-day post-treatment.

• Can GOURI be used with other Botox, HA fillers, or PRP?
– A one-month gap between other treatments is recommended. However, it is not recommended to combine GOURI with other products.

• Is GOURI safe to use on the body?
– It is recommended to use GOURI only on the face.

• How long is GOURI active?
– PCL is a substance with high molecular weight and gets destroyed in the body over 6-12 months. Hence, longevity is subjective to each individual.

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