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“Forever Young”: Myth or Method?

Haven’t you often marvelled at those celebs who seem to look better with age? Those ‘then’ and ‘now’ pictures that make you wonder how they defy the laws of nature? Here’s the thing. Leaving aside tales and fables of strange and dangerously exotic therapies, there are some cues we can take to tackle time in our own beautiful way. Youth is a choice you make. It’s all about attitude and how you wear it. It’s about looking at challenges…

Feeling 24, looking 42?

Look as young as you feel There’s a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye, a burst of enthusiasm at the prospect of doing the marathon this year, or biking in Vietnam or whatever. You can stay up through the night and still shine at work all day. That’s you. Youthful you. Then what’s with those little lines that continue to smile when you’ve stopped? And that furrow on your forehead that lingers? The…

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