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The 7 types of Scars

Scars are a sign that nature is working at protecting us. When cell tissue gets wounded the adjacent areas of skin get working to heal the injury. Specialised cells, called fibroblasts, produce bundles of fibrous connective tissue made up of collagen to reconnect the tissue. These bundles of whitish, relatively inelastic fibres appear on the surface as a scar after the healing process has completed itself. The deeper the wound, the greater the chances of a…

Isotretinoin: Severe Acne Treatment

Isotretinoin is a powerful medication used mainly to treat severe acne, especially certain types that cause aggravated suffering. While it can be highly effective, you’d be well advised to use extreme caution. Be especially aware of possible side effects. Although well qualified and experienced dermatologists exercise due care, no medication, least of all isotretinoin, should be taken for granted. This article aims to familiarise you with this potent medication, how it works, and what you should be watchful…

Acne Scars

8 facts to help you win the Skin v/s Scar showdown First things first. Let’s get the scare out of scars. They’re like pictures. Scars and marks are nothing but memories. Of that moment when you scraped your knee after you scored that winning basket…of that time when you fell off your mountain bike (thankfully, not off the mountain)…of that time when you were expecting your very first child! “That’s all very well,” we hear you…

Adult onset Acne

Understanding late-onset acne If you thought acne comes and goes the way of teenage angst and high-school crushes, you’re only half right. While significantly less frequent amongst adults, acne continues to exist as a clear and present possibility. Why does acne decide to reappear? A variety of reasons: hormonal changes, pollution, lifestyle, an erratic cleansing regime, stress, food choices and unhealthy habits such as smoking. Late onset acne is more than just a confidence-breaker. It’s a…

Acne acting up?

Acne acting up? Learn how to keep it off-stage! It’s morning. The curtains to your world are lifted and you’re getting set to step out and take the stage. Confident, energizing and determined to perform at your peak…till you look into the mirror. Oh no… not now, not again! Not another pimple… Yes, acne elicits a melodramatic response every time it rears its ugly head (no pun intended). It’s a universally embarrassing condition known to men and…

Zap zit and zoom! When acne acts up

Zap zit and zoom! When acne acts up You’ve scanned through your wardrobe for the perfect outfit. You have bought shoes that go with it. Your beautiful accessories are all waiting to zing up your look… and that’s precisely when that enthusiastic little zit pops up! Acne. Teenage angst and beyond.

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