Dr Fatma

Dr Fatma


With a medical education that spans multiple countries, capped with experience as a consultant dermatologist, Dr Fatma brings her clients a wealth of expertise. Teaching has been an integral part of her career – as clinical lecturer to 6th year students at medical school, program director for the dermatology specialisation, and lecturer for in-service training of GPs both at the Ministry of Health and in the private sector. This has enhanced her ability to help clients understand concepts and treatment pathways better. 

Personal Motto

Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.  – Louis Pasteur


Advanced Dermatology Fellowship, Singapore
Arab Board of Medical Specialization in Dermatology, Syria
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain 

Professional Memberships

Oman Medical Association
Oman Dermatology Society 

Research Projects 

Punch Skin Grafting of Acral Vitiligo in combination with PUVA Therapy
Surgical Treatment of Acne Keloidalis by Skin Biopsy Punching