Dr Fatma

  • Biography

    With a medical education that spans multiple countries, capped with experience as a consultant dermatologist, Dr Fatma brings her clients a wealth of expertise. Teaching has been an integral part of her career – as clinical lecturer to 6th year students at medical school, program director for the dermatology specialisation, and lecturer for in-service training of GPs both at the Ministry of Health and in the private sector. This has enhanced her ability to help clients understand concepts and treatment pathways better.

  • Personal Motto

    Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. – Louis Pasteur

  • Education

    • Advanced Dermatology Fellowship, Singapore
    • Arab Board of Medical Specialization in Dermatology, Syria
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
  • Professional Memberships

    • Oman Medical Association
    • Oman Dermatology Society
  • Research Projects

    • Punch Skin Grafting of Acral Vitiligo in combination with PUVA Therapy
    • Surgical Treatment of Acne Keloidalis by Skin Biopsy Punching