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The Golden Facial, Is It Worth The Cost?

Skin care experts Kaya Skin Clinic, invited me to review one of their facials this week so when Saturday afternoon came I left my partner to do the unpacking (having just moved home) and checked myself into Kaya’s Marina branch for a couple of hours of me-time.


I decided to have a Gold Radiance Facial as I was interested to see if the technique would support me in the combat againstaging. Having recently turned 31yr and seeing a few unwanted lines starting to creep in, I really want to find ‘that’ facial to have to keep my skin feeling vibrant without having to turn to botox and what not. I’m not saying that I’m against botox, I think any treatment that makes you feel great about yourself is something worth perusing, it’s completely down to the individual. For me, for now, I would rather invest in a premium facial that is organic and natural. So what is the Gold Radiance facial? I would explain, but I think Kaya do this better so here is what the experts say about it;

“Kaya Gold Radiance is created to infuse skin with the legendary goodness of the precious element GOLD. Surrender to the pampering this rare experience brings… and come out glowing. What’s more, gold has the power to repair sun damage, lighten complexion, improve blood circulation and accelerate cell renewal. The magical touch of pure gold begins with cleansing and toning which works away a thin layer of dry cells. All visible signs of aging fade away with the 24K Vitamin C Booster Serum. A facial massage soothes those expression lines and wrinkles while reviving skin with softness, smoothness and radiance. The gentle, silken touch of 24K Eye Serum and Cream smoothens and brightens the area around the eyes. Now for the grand finale. The special 24K Gold and Collagen Mask infuses the skin with the energizing, antioxidant properties of gold to help enhance youth and elasticity.”

The Treatment

Step 1: Microdermabrasion The session began with a deep cleansing facial, using warms scrubs to prepare the skin before the microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical procedure that removes any dry or dead skin cells from the skin through a suction that leaves your skin looking fresher. The vacuum sensation has a tiny scratching feeling as the apparatus moves over your face, which can be quite sore around sensitive areas like your eyes, but not at all painful. My therapist, Pearl, explained there is a tiny diamond inside the tool which scratches the surface of the skin helping to lift and remove any of the dead skin.


Step 2: Comedo Extraction The microdermabraison process helps prepare the skin for the next deep cleansing process, comedo extraction (aka black head removal). The processes combined has left my skin feeling so clean, when I looked in the mirror afterwards I had quite a few open pores where my skin had been so deeply cleansed.

Step 3: Vitamin C Cleansing The relaxing part. A warm glass tool called the Accrua Machine, soothes a cleansing a serum containing small gold particles over your face while light rays penetrate the elements deep into your skin. It felt like a very warm gel being massages into your skin and afterwards my skin felt so soft, and I guess (for want of a better word) ‘pure’. The cleansing session is then completed with a gentle eye, face and neck massage, to prepare the skin for the gold mask.


Step 4: The Gold Mask The cool gold mask is laid over your face as the therapist gently massages the palms of your hands. It is very soothing and was the part where I had a little snooze. When the mask is removed, Pearl applied a thick layer of sun block and then the session was complete. I looked in the mirror and my skin tone looked more even and I did have some redness around my eyes from the microdermabrasion. By the time I had reached home the pinkness had gone and my skin looked so fresh. I felt like the lines around my eyes had been reduced too, but maybe I was just examining them more closely. Kaya package up your gold mask and you get to take it away with you too, you can use it another two times providing you keep it stored in the fridge, perfect for a follow up home-therapy session in the comfort of your home.