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Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Removal

I started waxing my hands and legs while I was at school. All the girls I know will agree it’s no place we chose to be. We do it because it’s clean and it leaves our hands and legs hair free and looking good. Feminists out there might have a varying opinion, however I for one have always disliked hair on a woman’s body.

Over the years many of my friends started indulging in various laser hair removal treatments , however I didn’t want to put myself through that kind of pain for the sake of vanity. I was happy getting my arms waxed once a month but my legs I’d have to do more often. For those that know me can vouch that I live in shorts and short skirts, hence I would end up shaving my legs for the month end for the sake of perfectly hair free legs.

Being a wife, a mom of two and a blogger, hardly leaves me with any spare time for myself. I have always believed in self upkeep and maintaining one’s body. So it was only natural that when I heard about Kaya Ultima, the alleged pain free laser hair removal treatment, that I wanted to give it a go.

I scheduled an appointment with the Kaya Oman inhouse dermatologist to review my skin type. After the initial consultation she suggested I go with a 4-7 time session of the Kaya Ultima treatment for half my legs. My legs are weird in that I hardly have any hair growth on my thighs, so to save costs, half legs were more than sufficient for the moment. I was asked not to shave my legs for 2-3 weeks so that they could observe my hair follicles more closely.

When I arrived for my first session, I was happy to see that the treatment rooms were neat and tidy, which is very important to me.


The dermatologist came and explained the machine, the treatment and how the technician would go about performing it.


I was given a robe to change into and my legs were then shaved. The technician then marked both my legs with some body chalk so that she could administer the laser evenly without leaving any spots undone.

I was then given protective glasses to wear before the procedure. The technician then moved the laser wand systematically along my legs. The laser itself felt like a zap instantly followed by some cooling on the same spot. The dermatologist had explained to me how this procedure would be painless due to a special cryogen-based dynamic cooling device that would deliver cooling to the epidermal level of my skin in the same instant as the laser pulse.


I was truly amused by the cooling effect. I hardly felt any pain apart for the zaps along my legs. One the procedure was over, the technician then applied some antibiotic cream on my legs to prevent any redness, itching or burning sensations. The whole session was about 25 minutes and it felt great.

I was asked not to wax my legs in between by sessions which were at intervals of 5 weeks each and honestly I never had to. After the first and second sessions I did have a few tiny baby hair grow back but it would just fall off if I pulled it. I have now successfully completed 4 sessions and I’m over the moon to say I don’t have to shave my legs any more. I may have to go back for follow up sessions after 6-8 months but I am happy to do that for the sake of hair free legs.


Pro’s from the experience:

1. I was extremely relieved and happy to know that Kaya was not pushing more sessions on me for the sake of making money. Most clinics and spas are known to promote additional services and in all fairness its their job and marketing strategy to do that. But as a client I am happy to pay for just what I need and not unnecessary additional services.
2. The customer service I received was great. My technician would call me prior to my appointments to remind me of them.
3. The ultimate pro has to be the almost PAIN FREE laser removal system. No tears, no numbing creams and no screams.
4. Not having to wax or shave my legs.

Con’s from the experience:

1. Not really a con, but the legs were slightly red for a day or two after the procedure.

On the whole, I am an extremely happy and satisfied customer. I would recommend this treatment to anyone looking for pain free hair removal solutions. I am considering going back for my hand and will keep you updated if I do so.


These are some of the photos I have taken after the sessions. You can find out more about Kaya and their treatments on: www.kayaskinclinic.me. If you do try it, please do let me know your thoughts.

Much love,