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Detox Face Therapy At Kaya Skin Clinic | A Solution For Pigmentation & Dark Circles?

Last weekend I was invited by Kaya Skin Clinic for a consultation with their dermatologists and to try out their prescribed facial. I was naturally excited to finally be visiting them and get some much needed skincare treatment. After all, the better the canvas, the more flawless the makeup looks! All you to-be-brides out there, you might want to check this one out if you have the same skin issues as many Desis do.

I visited the Jumeirah branch in Town Center, located on the upper floor. With the welcome drink and form to fill out (medical details and history, to better understand & prescribe), I was asked to take a seat in their waiting area. Soon after, Joyce (who attended me that day) came in with a pamphlet of facials I could choose from explaining the benefits and procedures of each. I was confused what to choose from ’cause each facial was targeted for a specific treatment and I legit have them all.


My skin is not gravely damaged, but apart from extreme dryness and oily T-zone, I do have the common Indian skin problems – pigmentation & dark circles. And believe it or not, from the age of 25 is when your skin starts aging, so it’s absolutely important to take care of this from earlier in life rather than looking older than you are. Keeping in mind all of my concerns, Joyce advised me to opt for the Detox Face Therapy which involves a lot of vitamin infusions helping with nourishment and brightening of the pigmented areas.
She took me to the facial room, which was equipped with the bed and other necessities. But while she took me through to it, I found the place to look very clinic like. Although it is a clinic and employs dermatologists which makes their services more reliable than others, a more cozy and spa like ambience would be rather comforting and attractive from a client point of view. Anyhow, the room was more or less on the same lines, but what made up for this was the comfort and at home feeling they provide with their services.

As I laid down, she covered me with a blanket and dimmed the lights, and I was all set to unwind and doze off. Immediately after, Joyce started with the treatment which went as follows:

Started off with some stretching to help with the blood circulation, followed by deep breathing and aromatherapy of a citrusy kind.

  • She then used a cleanser infused with Vitamin C ( Orange ) to make sure the skin is clear of any impurities & makeup so that all the products can be absorbed directly.
  • Moving on to my favorite part – warm towel skin cleansing. Gently placed the towels on my face cupping it on the sides and bottom. It feels like a warm hug on the face
  • A toner to balance the pH levels and purify the skin as the last step before product application.

Started with the first of three peels. An intensive peel, which Joyce first applied on my neck to check for any reactions. Once that was cleared as I didn’t get any burning or itchy sensation, she applied it all over. This helps with the black & white heads as well apart from the nourishment

  • Moving on to the second peel – Enzyme mask. This contains papaya enzymes that exfoliate and clarify the skin complexion.
  •  The last was a duo peel, which was massaged in with a peel roller. This product helps with exfoliation & back/white heads.
  • After wiping it all off, she then did a comedone extraction making my skin bump-free.
  • Once that was cleared, my skin was infused with an all day detoxifying concentrate with a 24K massager. The product contains Red Tea extracts and has antioxidant benefits repairing the skin cells. When this is applied with the 24K massager, it vibrates acutely pushing the product in, promoting circulation and relieving facial muscle tension. Best part – it helps with skin firmness and facelift.

While the face is all taken care of, the area around the eyes needed special treatment. This was done by massaging a brightening and firming eye serum.

  • She then applied an overnight skin replenisher which contained vitamins & collagen, and massaged all over face and neck.
  • Then, used a Vitamin C capsule and spread it all over to fight free radicals and protect from pollutants.
  • Further, she applied a Vitamin C hydro mask, which I even got to take home. Had to keep this on for 15 minutes to make it effective.
  • Lastly, a sensitive sunscreen was applied to protect my skin from the UV rays and worsen my pigmentation issue.

The entire process took about 1 hour 15 minutes and absolutely relaxing. Priced at AED 750 per session, it is not very pocket friendly. But you get what you pay for! All the products used in this treatment are definitely not something you can purchase from a grocery or supermarket. Being a clinic, and performed by specialists, is what makes the difference.


My Opinion: There is no immediate visible difference as you need to take a couple of sessions to see the difference. When it comes to skin, good results take time, and it requires a lot of patience and consistency. Whether visibly seen or not, I definitely feel the difference in my skin. It feels less dry and more plump and soft.

Would I recommend this treatment? If you spend a lot of time outdoors and your skin is exposed to a lot of pollutants, and you have pigmentation, AND if your bank account allows it – then yes. ‘Cause like I said, it needs a couple of sessions. One treatment doesn’t do the trick.

Price: AED 750 per session


I hope this was useful to anyone who was looking out for detoxifying facials with pigmentation concerns. I know how tough it can be dealing with uneven skin tone. Getting the usual “Are you sick today?” question when you’re not wearing any makeup on, is stressful on so many levels. Major part of many skin issues is accepting and being comfortable in your own skin, but it doesn’t come easily for all. So trying out different treatments to help make this better is not all bad. It gives the confidence boost and makes you look radiant too!