New Old Girl1

After wasting years with expensive creams, DIY’s and exfoliating products, I realized that at home I could only smooth the surface of my skin, but never end the scars I carry. They are small, but very deep, so home care would never give me the results I was expecting to get.

So now I am finally treating my acne scars and open pores the RIGHT way… I am visiting the doctor at Kaya Skin Clinic Arabia, being properly guided through my skin care and products and also going through a 4 month long treatment using eMatrix, a radio frequency machine that stimulates the reorganization of the collagen cells. The machine is manipulated by the doctor herself, and she is the one responsible for me the entire time, which made me super comfortable and secure that I was getting the best care possible.

The full video with details, prices, explanations, consultation, step by step, pain level, expectations and much more will come late this week, since I want to show my skin 1 week after the first treatment: how it looks, how the burn marks disappear day by day, my home skin care, how my skin will peel off and so on.

I am super happy to be sharing this insecurity I have with all of you and what I am going through to solve it. I hope that exposing this side of me will inspire you to run after your insecurities and give you the strength to over come and solve them  I don’t believe in forced positivity. If you are unhappy about something, change it!! But remember, stay healthy! Never do something that would put you in danger. Always consult specialists on the field.

Stay strong and happy, people!! Love you all