could you do on a #rainyday to brighten your mood? We say opting for “Skin Booster” session can be one. ✅It hydrates the skin ✅It nourishes and replenish the skin from inside out
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Reposted from @souad_alsabek – Okkk lets talk skin 🙈! Im superrrr happy that my pores got so much tighter to a point that i didnt get a pimple/white head since i did the Skin Boosters at @kayaclinicarabia last time !😍🙈.. This is my second time doing them, and I highly highly recommend them!! .. They improve the skin firmness, radiance and pores appearance! Not to forget that it helps in producing new collagen which means a younger healthier look 🥳 ..💵To know the prices, check with the clinic as each person needs a different amount of boosters in different places around the face .. depending on each skin problem.
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