Almost every girl I know has had some issue with #facialhair – if you don’t you’re lucky!
My issue was super specific and one that made me so so so conscious! I’ve complained about my #upperlip to the world! It really was a disaster And I lost all hope that anyone could help me fix it. I tried literally everything under the Sun – threading, shaving, lasers, creams, strips, natural products – but it just got worse and worse and as a #southasiangirl my #pigmentation isn’t exactly in my favor 🙃

But really Dr Mansi from @kayaclinicarabia has been a life savor for me! I swear guys! The last three months were a test of my patience but for these results I would give her 3 more months 🤪 I’m really happy with how it all turned out and super happy Dr Mansi is in my life

And for sure – the Photoreverse from @esthederm_me – you guys have heard me talk about this so much.! But I love it!! Love love love and no this is not an ad! Consistently using it has surely resulted in my skin being brighter and more even!

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