I know what you’re thinking…she looks really happy in that cover photo for it to be a sad story! But that’s me..I know how to hide my feelings 😛 *too dark*

Anyway, my hair has been an emotional roller coaster for me guys and I know I am not the only one. My long luscious hair is all I want back and in the efforts of the same I am doing a few that I want to tell you about

1. Misotherapy and Hairfiller at @kayaclinicarabia and honestly I am impressed with the before and after in my scalp test results

2. Doing small everyday things that the lovely Dr Mansi from Kaya has told me

3. Vitamins! These are a must

I honestly also love Dr Mansi at Kaya who has really really made me feel so much secure in this whole process. I know hair can be emotional for women and men both. When every time I have to reach out to my extensions I feel ☹️ but it’s okay…it’s like

Let me know if you have faced any such issues and if there is something that really worked for you ❤️

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