Natasha Zaki

Hey Guys,Natasha Zaki Lip Filler Review from Kaya Skin Clinic

As you know I am a HUGE fan of Kaya Skin Clinic in Dubai. I recently reviewed their Restylane Lip Filler in their Town Center Mall, Jumierah Branch. Dr. Taysir is my go to Filler or Botox Doctor there so I was so happy to know that he was going to perform my Lip Filler. He really knows what he is doing and has a very realistic and natural approach to filling the lips.

Dr. Taysir started by numbing the lips with Emla cream which was applied for around 25 minutes. My lips were totally numb before he started. By gradually applying the lip filler by injection into the lips with no pain at all the procedure took no longer than around 20minutes.

As you can see from the straight after the lip filler treatment my lips were a bit swollen and red but no bruising occurred for me – however for some people minor bruising can occur. A few days later my lips appeared fuller and younger looking. Applying lipstick makes me so excited now as my new fuller lips have given me more confidence and radiance.

I highly recommend Kaya Skin Clinic and Dr. Taysir. Please see their website link here